The voice of several operators, who chose LAMIERA to exhibit and show the public their novelties in the field of machine toolsfor sheet metal forming and innovative technologies related to the sector.

Tommaso Bonuzzi – SALVAGNINI
Sales Director

 “…At LAMIERA 2019, we will exhibit an innovative process solution, consisting of a group of adaptive, automated machines, interconnected to one another and managed by a supervisor, to show the market our new concept of Salvagnini factory. We defined it as “Social Industry”: a perfectly balanced factory, where the machines receive and exchange information to produce automatically what is required, when it is needed and in the necessary quantity, without scrap and in a short time. We will offer visitors the opportunity to choose what to produce among a range of available objects and then start the manufacturing process. The involved technologies (L5-fiber laser cutting, P2lean panel bender and B3.AU-TO press-brake), which will show a preview of some important technical innovations, will have a feeding systems by self-driving SGV carriages and make up a part of the production process. We expect a successful event, because the Italian market has always been attentive and sensitive to the issue of process efficiency and has proven to be capable of being favourably receptive to innovations. Our proposal goes beyond the principles of Industry 4.0….” 


Marco Brazzolotto – GASPARINI SPA
Marketing Manager

“…Gasparini designs and manufactures made-to-order roll forming systems. It is a leading company in the metal forming sector. LAMIERA represents an important exhibition event for the sector. It is a “thermometer” for the future trend of the Italian market. We experienced a very favourable two-year period and, for complex capital goods like ours, there is still a long-lasting, positive trend, also thanks to the applicability extension of Hyper-Depreciation for the whole year 2019. We hope that the current trend will be confirmed. I believe that LAMIERA can be an increasingly attractive event for the foreign market. In this framework, we will present our new solutions, which we have been developing to meet the production requirements of our customers. Research & Development and customisation are essential elements for our activity…”


Office Manager

 “…Link Industries celebrates its 10 years of partnership with Kemppi this year and it is the only distributor for this brand in Italy. The international exhibition LAMIERA represents an opportunity to present the latest technological innovations of Kemppi and the value offered by Link Industries to its customers in the market, thanks to the definition of specific applications and customized solutions, based on particular requirements of customers. We also invested in a robotics project with excellent partners, such as Roboteco and TBI Industries. On this occasion, we will be able to present the amazing potential of this new project. This is our second participation in LAMIERA and we expect a successful outcome of the initiative to continue in the best way even in 2019, after the excellent, last two years of growth…” 



Antonio Crippa – CRIPPA
Executive Vice President

 “…Since 1948, the family Crippa, today in its third generation, has been leading the company with the same name, which designs, develops and sells machines and systems for metal-tube processing. We have come back to exhibit at LAMIERA after a few years, in which we chose different paths. At the tradeshow, we will present a preview of some important product innovations for the Italian market, with regard to tube bending and end forming applications. Besides our tube benders, capable of processing tubes up to 225 mm in diameter and our versatile tube end-forming machines, we are able to integrate robots, special machining, optical measuring and vision systems, as well as automatic loading, unloading and material handling devices. All this can be integrated into our “Smart Factory” manufacturing systems. We sell these highly customised technologies to the automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, home furnishings and design, air-conditioning and heating industries, and not only this…” 


Business Development Director & Sales Director

“…For over 30 years, Ricerca Chimica Group has been operating as a manufacturer of chemical products, equipment and systems for treating metal surfaces, in particular surfaces of stainless steel and titanium. In this field, we can also offer specialist consulting services, thanks to the know-how developed by our Research Laboratories and to the experience gained by working side by side with a large number of Italian and foreign enterprises in over 75 countries. At LAMIERA 2019 the visitors of our stand will be able to directly test some technologies we patented and visit our area dedicated to Consulting, where we will offer a first, complete consulting service free of charge…”


Isabella Feltani – FELTANI RETI 
Sales Manager 

 “…The hanging of a manufactured product that must be coated is the first step of a complex process, composed of different phases according to the requirement, which we identify with the term “painting/coating”. As this is a real “assembly line”, each component is essential. For example, the hook must be made according to the size and weight of the workpiece and structured for a specific use, which should guarantee safety and help ensure an optimal productivity of industrial plant. For over three generations, we have been committed to manufacturing any type of industrial hooks: made of SM phosphated steel or iron, with round or V-bending, standard hook and so on. Although over the years we have expanded our range of products, completing it with industrial accessories and customised products, at LAMIERA 2019 we will mainly present our hanging systems. We expect a lively exhibition, attracting a lot of interest, the same we experienced over the last two years, which allowed us to grow by 25%…” 


Luigi Galdabini – GALDABINI  

“…Hydraulic presses and material testing machines with video extensometer for state-of-the-art optical measuring will be the core of our stand at LAMIERA 2019. After an extremely positive year 2018 that saw us close our last order three days before Christmas, we rely a lot on this exhibition to go at full throttle in 2019. The new year has started with more hesitation, even if the provisions of Industry 4.0 have been confirmed. In 2017, LAMIERA had allowed us to gain many contacts, even abroad and so we hope that this will happen again in this edition of the trade show…”


Buntia Burè Girelli – RED-D-ARC ITALIA 
Country Manager 

 “…For Red-D-Arc, which is the world leader in welding-equipment rental, this is the first participation in LAMIERA! Personally, I was well acquainted with the importance of this exhibition that I have always visited in the past. Therefore, when I started my work adventure at Red-D-Arc Italia, I immediately spurred the company to exhibit at this trade show. After all, for those who work in the welding field, LAMIERA represents an unmissable event, because it appeals to visitors from all user sectors, with which we currently work: building sites, energy, oil & gas, shipyards, etc. Our exhibition presence at LAMIERA will be remarkable, because we wish to show all attending operators the considerable advantages of a new business approach, on which we really count: rental. Our huge range of machines includes over 70,000 generators, 4,000 positioners and 4,000 engine-driven generators. We can provide you with the equipment you need, where you need it, when you need it, for the period of time you need it. We are the only ones in Italy to rent such a wide range of welding equipment, both in terms of steadily, technologically advanced equipment variety and in terms of number of machines available to rent, for very flexible rental periods, ranging from one week to three years…” 


Gianluca Medini – EUROSOFT 
Technical Manager 

 “…Eurosoft is an Italian company, leader in the development of CAD/CAM systems and hardware applied to the field of automation for all cutting technologies. The expertise our mathematical and software engineers allow us every year to invest a large part of our turnover in Research & Development to make our products closer to the needs of each single user. What’s new in 2019? This year, we decided to invest not only in our staff and products, but also in our logistic and operational structure, a new facility for an ambitious team that is growing … The participation in LAMIERA, the exhibition of reference for the Italian market, is the ideal opportunity to strengthen the relations with our current customers and show the new functionalities of CutExpert, with the complete HVAC, Mosaico, Revolution 4.0 versions, in addition to Emaker, our vertical solution for cutting machines…” 


Giorgio Nepa – ICONA 

“…We reconfirmed our participation in LAMIERA, because our debut in 2017 was like winning a challenge due to the interest we received and because the companies of the sector started to use our service technologies. At our stand, it will be possible to discover the innovations of Acty, the remote-assistance solution in Augmented Reality, and of Deskoala, the multi-channel ticketing system to manage and measure the assistance requests. In Italy, unlike abroad, many enterprises have not yet understood the technical and commercial potential of these innovative technologies, but it is a necessary step that will soon involve all our market. When making a purchasing decision, a customer will consider as increasingly determining the advantages in organising the service from one’s own office, understanding and managing a problem on a machinery from a parent company abroad, through a smartphone or smart glasses. We are ready, have experience, references and technologies to surprise Italian customers and manufacturers of the sheet metal sector…”


Alessandro Santamaria – ROBOTECO

“…Since 1988, Roboteco has been designing, manufacturing and providing assistance for arc-welding robot cells. In 2017, from Siad Group, we acquired Italargon Division, which manufactures automated and robotic welding and manipulation plants. We are dealers for PANASONIC robots in Italy and Spain. Panasonic robots are uniquely specialised in welding. Thanks to the Tawers ALL-IN-ONE technology, they offer great advantages in terms of production efficiency, both to small- and to large-sized enterprises. We have a staff of more than 50 people, a turnover of about 20 million euro and we integrate over 150 cells every year. The ultimate novelty exhibited at our stand at LAMIERA 2019 will be LAPRISS, the new integrated PANASONIC system for laser welding. We will present a welding cell with a direct-diode 4KW source, a technology that today represents the state of the art of laser for the next 10 years in the welding field. Both the automotive sector and the general industry are showing great interest in LAPRISS and the reservations for targeted demonstrations at our exhibition stand are already numerous…”


Sonia Sirocchi – AMADA 
Marketing Group Leader  

 “…At LAMIERA 2019 we will bring 2 laser cutting machines and 2 state-of-the-art press-brakes: all of them will be in operation throughout the exhibition period, according to our tradition. There will also be a novelty, which we will reveal on the opening day. After all, LAMIERA is our most important exhibition event in Italy and there we expect to increase contacts and contracts for the year 2019 that has already started very positively for us, in terms of orders and deliveries. This follows a two-year period (2017-2018), which was more than positive for Amada Italia considering turnover and sales, also thanks to the provisions of Industry 4.0 that boosted the market…” 


Marco Vimercati – F.LLI VIMERCATI  
Co-owner and General Manager

“…At LAMIERA 2019 we will exhibit two press-brakes: a PHSY ton 30×1250 mm length press and a PHSY ton 200×3050 mm length press with energy-saving e.TERNA system. Since 1973 we have been designing and manufacturing all our machines in our factory in Brianza. We sell our technologies to the players belonging to the sectors of furnishings, doors, windows and shutters, automotive… We are promoters of Made in Italy and we expect that the international public may acknowledge LAMIERA as a reference point for all Italian avant-gardes of our sector…”