The myth of Leonardo Da Vinci is more than alive 500 years after his death.

Five hundred years after Leonardo da Vinci’s demise, LAMIERA hosted a special focus on LEONARDO DA VINCI. Besides the special section on the website and the special evening ad hoc to visit the Cenacolo Vinciano (The Last Supper), – reserved only for the foreign operators invited to the exhibition within the ICE-UCIMU mission – a special show has been set up with the title “Italians like us, excellence becomes identity”, in which Leonardo da Vinci has a very important place.

Awarded the medal of the Presidency of the Italian Republic, the travelling exhibition stops off at LAMIERA and presents a special insight on the Genius from Vinci. Some reproductions of his drawings have been shown, regarding metal forming machine tools and automation systems developed by Leonardo, which highlight the parallelism between his projects and the modern technologies exhibited in the halls. All this is a testimony to the fact that Leonardo da Vinci can be considered, in all respects, the Precursor of modern machine tool manufacturers.